iOS Car Media System

Submitted by: MollyClark

iOS Car Media System


Unfortunately, I am not an engineer, nor am I a code designer. I am an average individual, who fortunately has had the opportunity to become one of the Apple's enthusiasts. I own an iPhone 4S, an iPod (which is nil and void to the iPhone), an iPad2, and a MacBook Pro. Thankfully, due to Apple's creation of iCloud, I am able to stream my music, videos, documents, and applications to any device at any location provided an internet connection. However, during the weekday hours of 7am-8am, and 6pm-7pm, I lack the luxury of having my iOS system available to me. Granted, I can use my phone via Blue Tooth, to make calls, and listen to music, but the process is not considered user friendly. Siri on beta+ California's Hands Free Phone law=NO iOS luxury. I would rejoice to see a product created to integrate the user friendly system of the iOS system, blue tooth capabilities, and simple elegance of a touch screen. I have done my research, and their are some products that strive to come close, but I none have succeeded in providing all three of these requirements. As I stated before, unfortunately I am not the right person to see this plan through. I however, have a wish, an Ahhha. And if my vision, my Ahhha, is read by one who will be inspired to take on such creation or deployment, then my Claim An Idea was worth every word.

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