Help Crumbs

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Help Crumbs


============================================ HELP CRUMBS only for abducts or forceful unwilled encounters. Can be made into: Necklaces Bracelets Watches Pouches Help Crumbs is DNA Material of the person that is fabricated on sheets of paper that is cut into tiny microfilm hearts that can look like glitter or smaller. Maybe transparent or unnoticeable. These are placed into devices that when physically broken or disturbed by the abductee can release the particles. The particles will disperse on the persons hands and onto everything and everybody they touch showing evidence of where and who was around them in their time of trouble. The particles can be heavy or magnetized as well to fall to the ground or stick to metal. The carbon fiber sheets will give approximate date and time when dispersed when sampled as evidence. Has Name and other information of the person they belong to. May also contain the persons scent. This goes out to Michelle Parker and all missing persons or people that go missing and are never found. It goes out to all the suffers of tragic mishaps faced with loved missing persons. Lets give this an extraordinarily strong push in the right direction and lets save and find our lost ones.

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