Fantasy Klout Draft Website

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Fantasy Klout Draft Website


If you are unfamiliar with, basically what it is, is an analysis of your social media influence from twitter, Facebook, and google+, maybe others not to sure. You are scored on a variety of things from influence to followers to content to re-tweets etc. So it is an over all score of your social media influence. Go to Klout,com to find out more. Leveraging, my idea is for a website where you can have a fantasy draft of celebrities, athletes, and influential people. You would sign up to a free account. You would set up a group like you would on yahoo fantasy or espn fantasy. You would draft your "players" and you yourself would also be on the team so you can influence the overall score. There would be 11 positions to fill for each fantasy team. You can make trades or pick up free agents etc.. You play one person in the group per week and you can set up how long you would like the fantasy "season" to play out. Based on the total of Klout scores of each drafted "player" and yourself, would determine the winner for that week. So the rules would be just like a fantasy football, baseball, or basketball tournament. You could also have tournaments by category, MLB, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, Celebrities etc... Another option on the site would be to have 1 on 1 Klout battles between you and your friends or you can "call another member out" and battle them for the week. Your wins and loses would be tallied both for fantasy and 1 on 1. This would get many people involved in the spreading of valuable content and increase your over all presence in the social network arena. This is a fun way to socialize as well by adding a little competition to your everyday networking.

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jimmitjoo July 27, 2012, 2:09 p.m.
Pretty interesting idea actually. Set upp different local leagues and stuff to, best in town and so on. Much potential here!
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