Barcode or QR reader that cooks microwave meals for you, hands-free

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Barcode or QR reader that cooks microwave meals for you, hands-free


Basically, the idea is installing a small, simple bar code reader to the face of a microwave. Food manufacturers like Stouffer's can print a bar code on their packaging containing the cooking instructions for a particular dish. The consumer places the food in the microwave and shuts the door. Then he simply waves the box in front of the scanner and the food is cooked to perfection. No buttons pressed. No guessing on the power level of your microwave. No guessing on how long to cook. Frees food manufacturers to offer MANY portion sizes instead of large/med/small. Butterball turkey can have code to scan and affiliated cooking time. Eliminates much guesswork and extra keystrokes. Scanner on microwaves or ovens to scan labels on food to tell the microwave or oven how to cook it. Small bar code or QR code on food items that contain only very basic information about cooking time and power level/temperature.

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Anthony12 May 17, 2013, 9:10 p.m.
I had this same idea at work yesterday. For our on the go lives this would be a great working concept. Especially now that QR codes are becoming increasingly popular. Many boxes already contain a data matrix code.
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