Airline Ticket Auction and/or Resale Site Idea for Consumers and Business

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Airline Ticket Auction and/or Resale Site Idea for Consumers and Business


Think Priceline & Orbitz + Ebay & Amazon + Delta Airlines & SW Airlines(or others) = KiNeXt Market Ever wished you could buy a flight for a possible trip knowing you could sell the ticket if you couldn't make the flight? Well that's what KiNeXt Market is there to do. KiNeXt Market allows consumers to sell their tickets up to 36hrs before a flight to their fellow consumers for no more than face value of the ticket. The seller sets the price and consumers can place an offer up to the value of the ticket. KiNeXt Market then works with the airlines to ensure the transfer of the ticket and confirmation numbers to ensure security and safety are not compromised. This allows consumers to purchase flights and airlines to more easily fill capacity. Ensures competitive pricing as well. Airlines are ensured a percentage of sale of these tickets as well.   As stated in my poorly worded comment below - Recently "won" the One Page business Plan Competion through CREED, INC - a non-profit - using crowd funding for start-ups.     if interested in helping fund this project, please check out:   if you're interested in helping on this - comment below and we can get in touch.

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CROYCEBOLL April 17, 2011, 11:31 a.m.
KiNeXt Market idea just one a One Page Business Plan Competition through CREED INC - a non-profit offering a competition to Universtiy students in the US. More details will be coming soon.
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